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No policy of life insurance shall be issued or delivered in this state, or be issued by a life insurance company organized under the laws of this state, if it contains a provision:

(1) for forfeiture of the policy for failure to repay any loan on the policy or to pay interest on such loan while the total indebtedness on the policy is less than the loan value thereof; or for forfeiture for failure to repay any such loan or to pay interest thereon, unless such provision contain a stipulation that no such forfeiture shall occur until at least one month after notice shall have been mailed by the company to the last known address of the insured and of the assignee, if any, notice of whose address and contract of the assignment has been filed with the company, at its home office; or

(2) in a life policy or annuity contract, limiting the time within which any action at law or in equity may be commenced to less than five years after the cause of action shall accrue; or

(3) by which the policy shall purport to be issued or to take effect more than six months before the original application for the insurance was made; or

(4) for any mode of settlement at maturity of less value than the amount insured on the face of the policy plus any dividend additions, less any indebtedness to the company on the policy, and less any premium that may be deducted by the terms of the policy.