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Subdivision 1.Examination by physician.

All combatants must be examined by a physician licensed by this state within 36 hours before entering the ring, and the examining physician shall immediately file with the commissioner a written report of the examination. The physician's examination may report on the condition of the combatant's heart and general physical and general neurological condition. The physician's report may record the condition of the combatant's nervous system and brain as required by the commissioner. The physician may prohibit the combatant from entering the ring if, in the physician's professional opinion, it is in the best interest of the combatant's health. The cost of the examination is payable by the person or entity conducting the contest or exhibition.

Subd. 2.Attendance of physician.

A person holding or sponsoring a combative sport contest shall have in attendance a physician licensed by this state. The commissioner may establish a schedule of fees to be paid to each attending physician by the person holding or sponsoring the contest.