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Subdivision 1.Definition.

As used in this section, "crime against the person" means a violation of any of the following or a similar law of another state or of the United States: section 609.165; 609.185; 609.19; 609.195; 609.20; 609.205; 609.221; 609.222; 609.223; 609.2231; 609.224, subdivision 2 or 4; 609.2242, subdivision 2 or 4; 609.2247; 609.235; 609.245, subdivision 1; 609.25; 609.255; 609.3451, subdivision 2; 609.498, subdivision 1; 609.582, subdivision 1; or 617.23, subdivision 2; or any felony-level violation of section 609.229; 609.377; 609.749; or 624.713.

Subd. 2.When required.

(a) In addition to the requirements of section 243.166, a person also shall register under section 243.166 if:

(1) the person is convicted of a crime against the person; and

(2) the person was previously convicted of or adjudicated delinquent for an offense listed in section 243.166, or a comparable offense in another state, but was not required to register for the offense because the registration requirements of that section did not apply to the person at the time the offense was committed or at the time the person was released from imprisonment.

(b) A person who was previously required to register in any state and who has completed the registration requirements of that state shall again register under section 243.166 if the person commits a crime against the person.

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