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In establishing the remediation fund in section 116.155 it is the purpose of the legislature to:

(1) encourage treatment and disposal of hazardous waste in a manner that adequately protects the public health or welfare or the environment;

(2) encourage responsible parties to provide the response actions necessary to protect the public and the environment from the effects of the release of hazardous substances;

(3) encourage the use of alternatives to land disposal of hazardous waste including resource recovery, recycling, neutralization, and reduction;

(4) provide state agencies with the financial resources needed to prepare and implement an effective and timely state response to the release of hazardous substances, including investigation, planning, removal and remedial action;

(5) compensate for increased governmental expenses and loss of revenue and to provide other appropriate assistance to mitigate any adverse impact on communities in which commercial hazardous waste processing or disposal facilities are located under the siting process provided in chapter 115A;

(6) recognize the environmental and public health costs of land disposal of solid waste and of the use and disposal of hazardous substances and to place the burden of financing state hazardous waste management activities on those whose products and services contribute to hazardous waste management problems and increase the risks of harm to the public and the environment.

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Revisor of Statutes