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Subdivision 1.Terms; title; salary; qualifications.

Notwithstanding sections 375A.01 and 375A.12, a county board may employ a county coordinator upon terms it considers advisable. It may assign whatever title to the county coordinator that it decides is appropriate. It may appropriate funds and provide suitable office space for the office. The county board shall set the salary of the county coordinator. The coordinator shall be chosen solely on the basis of training, experience and administrative qualifications and need not be a resident of the county at the time of appointment. The county coordinator serves at the pleasure of the board and employment may be terminated by the board without notice. The board may provide for a termination allowance.

Subd. 2.May be officer or employee.

The county board may appoint as county coordinator any county officer or employee except a county commissioner during the term for which the commissioner was elected. If a county officer or employee is appointed county coordinator, the board may provide that the duties of county coordinator are in addition to the duties as an officer or employee.

Subd. 3.Except Hennepin County.

This section does not apply to Hennepin County.