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Subdivision 1.Background studies initiated by program.

A licensed program shall document the date the program initiates a background study under this chapter in the program's personnel files. When a background study is completed under this chapter, a licensed program shall maintain a notice that the study was undertaken and completed in the program's personnel files. Except when background studies are initiated through the commissioner's online system, if a licensed program has not received a response from the commissioner under section 245C.17 within 45 days of initiation of the background study request, the licensed program must contact the human services licensing division to inquire about the status of the study. If a license holder initiates a background study under the commissioner's online system, but the background study subject's name does not appear in the list of active or recent studies initiated by that license holder, the license holder must either contact the human services licensing division or resubmit the background study information online for that individual.

Subd. 2.Background studies initiated by others.

When a license holder relies on a background study initiated by a personnel pool agency, a temporary personnel agency, an educational program, or a professional services agency for a person required to have a background study completed under section 245C.03, the license holder must maintain a copy of the background study results in the license holder's files.

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