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Subdivision 1.Named.

Historic places established and confirmed as historic places together with the counties in which they are situated are listed in this section and shall be named as indicated in this section.

Subd. 2.1848 Convention Site.

1848 Convention Site; Washington County.

Subd. 3.Administration Building 10.

Administration Building 10 at the Minnesota Veterans Home; Hennepin County.

Subd. 4.Aerial Lift Bridge.

Aerial Lift Bridge; St. Louis County.

Subd. 5.Alexander Faribault House.

Alexander Faribault House; Rice County.

Subd. 6.Andrew J. Volstead House.

Andrew J. Volstead House; Yellow Medicine County.

Subd. 7.August Schell Brewing Company.

August Schell Brewing Company; Brown County.

Subd. 8.Battle Point.

Battle Point; Cass County.

Subd. 9.Blue Mound.

Blue Mound; Rock County.

Subd. 10.Bradbury Homestead.

Bradbury Homestead; Otter Tail County.

Subd. 11.Brooklyn Farm (Earle Brown Farm).

Brooklyn Farm (Earle Brown Farm); Hennepin County.

Subd. 12.Browns Valley Site.

Browns Valley Site; Traverse County.

Subd. 13.Buffalo Ridge.

Buffalo Ridge; Murray County.

Subd. 13a.Burbank Livingston Griggs House.

Burbank Livingston Griggs House; Ramsey County.


1996 c 452 s 32

Subd. 14.Camp Pope.

Camp Pope; Redwood County.

Subd. 15.Cantonment New Hope.

Cantonment New Hope; Dakota County.

Subd. 16.Carver's Cave.

Carver's Cave; Ramsey County.

Subd. 17.Chapel St. Paul.

Chapel St. Paul; Ramsey County.

Subd. 18.Consumers Pure Ice and Storage Company Building.

Consumers Pure Ice and Storage Company Building; Benton County.

Subd. 19.Continental Divide.

Continental Divide; St. Louis County.

Subd. 20.Continental Divide.

Continental Divide; Traverse County.

Subd. 21.Cook-Hormel House.

Cook-Hormel House; Mower County.

Subd. 22.Duluth Ship Canal.

Duluth Ship Canal; St. Louis County.

Subd. 23.Duluth Union Depot.

Duluth Union Depot; St. Louis County.

Subd. 24.E. J. Longyear First Diamond Drill Site.

E. J. Longyear First Diamond Drill Site; St. Louis County.

Subd. 25.Eugene Saint Julien Cox House.

Eugene Saint Julien Cox House; Nicollet County.

Subd. 26.Falls of St. Anthony.

Falls of St. Anthony; Hennepin County.

Subd. 27.Flat Lake Mounds.

Flat Lake Mounds; Becker County.

Subd. 28.Fort Beauharnois.

Fort Beauharnois; Goodhue County.

Subd. 29.Fort Pomme De Terre.

Fort Pomme De Terre, Pelican Lake Township; Grant County.

Subd. 30.Fort Ripley.

Fort Ripley; Morrison County.

Subd. 31.Fort St. Charles.

Fort St. Charles; Lake of the Woods County.

Subd. 32.Frank B. Kellogg House.

Frank B. Kellogg House; Ramsey County.

Subd. 33.F. Scott Fitzgerald House.

F. Scott Fitzgerald House; Ramsey County.

Subd. 34.Fugle's Mill.

Fugle's Mill; Olmsted County.

Subd. 35.Gideon H. and Sarah Pond House.

Gideon H. and Sarah Pond House; Hennepin County.

Subd. 36.Grand Army of the Republic Hall.

Grand Army of the Republic Hall; Meeker County.

Subd. 37.Grand Portage.

Grand Portage; Cook County.

Subd. 38.Grand Portage of the Saint Louis River.

Grand Portage of the Saint Louis River; Carlton County.

Subd. 39.Height of Land.

Height of Land; Cook County.

Subd. 40.Historic Hill District.

Historic Hill District; Ramsey County.

Subd. 41.Hull-Rust-Mahoning Mine.

Hull-Rust-Mahoning Mine; St. Louis County.

Subd. 42.Indian Mounds Park Site.

Indian Mounds Park Site; Ramsey County.

Subd. 43.Ingeborg and Olof Swensson Farmstead.

Ingeborg and Olof Swensson Farmstead; Chippewa County.

Subd. 44.Irvine Park Historic District.

Irvine Park Historic District; Ramsey County.


1974 c 249 s 4,11; 1993 c 181 s 4,13

Subd. 45.Joseph R. Brown Historical Interpretive Center.

Joseph R. Brown Historical Interpretive Center; Sibley County.


1993 c 181 s 4,13

Subd. 46.Joseph R. Brown House Ruins.

Joseph R. Brown House Ruins; Renville County.

Subd. 47.Kari and Thomas Veblen Farmstead.

Kari and Thomas Veblen Farmstead; Rice County.

Subd. 48.Kensington Runestone Discovery Site.

Kensington Runestone Discovery Site; Douglas County.

Subd. 49.Kettle Falls Hotel.

Kettle Falls Hotel; St. Louis County.

Subd. 50.Larson Mill.

Larson Mill; Marshall County.

Subd. 50a.Little Elk Heritage Preserve.

Little Elk Heritage Preserve, Morrison County.

Subd. 51.Malmo Mounds and Village Site.

Malmo Mounds and Village Site; Aitkin County.

Subd. 52.Matilda and Willard Bunnell House.

Matilda and Willard Bunnell House; Winona County.

Subd. 53.May and Ray B. Hinkly House.

May and Ray B. Hinkly House; Rock County.

Subd. 54.Mayowood.

Mayowood; Olmsted County.

Subd. 55.Mendota Historic District.

Mendota Historic District; Dakota County.

Subd. 56.Milwaukee Avenue Historic District.

Milwaukee Avenue Historic District; Hennepin County.


1974 c 249 s 9,12; 1993 c 181 s 4,13

Subd. 57.Minnehaha Falls.

Minnehaha Falls; Hennepin County.

Subd. 58.Minnesota Historical Society Building.

Minnesota Historical Society Building; Ramsey County.

Subd. 59.Minnesota Point Lighthouse.

Minnesota Point Lighthouse; St. Louis County.

Subd. 60.Minnesota Woman Site.

Minnesota Woman Site; Otter Tail County.

Subd. 61.Mountain Iron Mine.

Mountain Iron Mine; St. Louis County.

Subd. 62.National Farmers' Bank of Owatonna.

National Farmers' Bank of Owatonna; Steele County.

Subd. 63.New Ulm Post Office.

New Ulm Post Office; Brown County.

Subd. 64.Nicollet Island.

Nicollet Island; Hennepin County.

Subd. 65.Northcote Stock and Grain Farm.

Northcote Stock and Grain Farm; Kittson County.

Subd. 66.Northern Pacific Railroad Shops.

Northern Pacific Railroad Shops; Crow Wing County.

Subd. 67.Northwest Point.

Northwest Point; Lake of the Woods County.

Subd. 68.Noyes Hall and Tate Hall, State School for the Deaf.

Noyes Hall and Tate Hall, State School for the Deaf; Rice County.

Subd. 69.O. E. Rolvaag House.

O. E. Rolvaag House; Rice County.

Subd. 70.Old Crossing.

Old Crossing; Red Lake County.

Subd. 71.Old Crow Wing.

Old Crow Wing; Crow Wing County.

Subd. 72.Old Federal Courts Building.

Old Federal Courts Building; Ramsey County.

Subd. 73.Old Fort Snelling Historic District.

Old Fort Snelling Historic District; Hennepin County.

Subd. 74.Old Frontenac Historic District.

Old Frontenac Historic District; Goodhue County.

Subd. 75.Old State Capitol Site.

Old State Capitol Site; Ramsey County.

Subd. 76.Ole and Sigrud Bakken Cabin.

Ole and Sigrud Bakken Cabin; Polk County.

Subd. 77.Orwell Site.

Orwell Site; Otter Tail County.

Subd. 78.Ottawa Methodist Church.

Ottawa Methodist Church; Le Sueur County.

Subd. 79.Peter and Wealthy Gideon Farmhouse.

Peter and Wealthy Gideon Farmhouse; Hennepin County.

Subd. 80.Pickwick Mill.

Pickwick Mill; Winona County.

Subd. 81.Pierre Bottineau Gravesite.

Pierre Bottineau Gravesite; Red Lake County.

Subd. 82.Ramsey Mill.

Ramsey Mill; Dakota County.

Subd. 83.Red Pipestone Quarry.

Red Pipestone Quarry; Pipestone County.

Subd. 84.Redwood Ferry.

Redwood Ferry; Renville County.

Subd. 85.Rensselaer D. Hubbard House.

Rensselaer D. Hubbard House; Blue Earth County.

Subd. 86.Robert F. Jones (Longfellow) House.

Robert F. Jones (Longfellow) House; Hennepin County.

Subd. 87.Saint John the Divine Episcopal Church.

Saint John the Divine Episcopal Church; Clay County.

Subd. 88.Sandstone School.

Sandstone School; Pine County.

Subd. 89.Saum Schools.

Saum Schools; Beltrami County.

Subd. 90.Savanna Portage.

Savanna Portage; Aitkin County.

Subd. 91.Seppman Mill.

Seppman Mill; Blue Earth County.

Subd. 92.Shakopee Historical District.

Shakopee Historical District; Scott County.

Subd. 93.Sinclair Lewis Childhood Home.

Sinclair Lewis Childhood Home; Stearns County.


1965 c 779 s 8; 1969 c 1153, s 6; 1993 c 181 s 4,13

Subd. 94.Site of Hanging 38 Sioux.

Site of Hanging 38 Sioux; Blue Earth County.

Subd. 95.Soudan Mine.

Soudan Mine; St. Louis County.

Subd. 96.Source of the Mississippi River.

Source of the Mississippi River; Clearwater County.

Subd. 97.State Training School.

State Training School; Goodhue County.

Subd. 98.St. Croix Boom Site.

St. Croix Boom Site; Washington County.

Subd. 99.St. John's Abbey and University Historic District, Collegeville.

St. John's Abbey and University Historic District, Collegeville; Stearns County.

Subd. 100.Taylors Falls Public Library.

Taylors Falls Public Library; Chisago County.

Subd. 101.Theodore Wegmann Cabin.

Theodore Wegmann Cabin; Clearwater County.

Subd. 102.Thoreson House.

Thoreson House; Lac Qui Parle County.

Subd. 103.Washington County Courthouse.

Washington County Courthouse; Washington County.

Subd. 104.Wasioja Seminary.

Wasioja Seminary; Dodge County.

Subd. 105.Wayzata Depot.

Wayzata Depot; Hennepin County.

Subd. 106.Wendelin Grimm Farmstead.

Wendelin Grimm Farmstead; Carver County.

Subd. 107.White Oak Point Site.

White Oak Point Site; Itasca County.

Subd. 108.Winnebago Agency House.

Winnebago Agency House; Blue Earth County.

Subd. 109.Winnebago Agency Store.

Winnebago Agency Store; Blue Earth County.

Subd. 110.Winona County Courthouse.

Winona County Courthouse; Winona County.

Subd. 111.Witch Tree.

Witch Tree; Cook County.

Subd. 112.Wood Lake Battlefield.

Wood Lake Battlefield; Yellow Medicine County.

Subd. 113.Yucatan Fort Site.

Yucatan Fort Site; Houston County.

Subd. 114.Zebulon Pike's 1805-1806 Wintering Headquarters.

Zebulon Pike's 1805-1806 Wintering Headquarters; Morrison County.

Subd. 115.Zion Lutheran Church and cemetery, rural Shelly.

Zion Lutheran Church and cemetery, rural Shelly; Norman County.


1997 c 54 s 1

Official Publication of the State of Minnesota
Revisor of Statutes