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Subdivision 1.Chemical dependency rates.

Notwithstanding sections 246.50, subdivision 5; 246.511; and 251.011, the commissioner shall establish separate rates for each chemical dependency service operated by the commissioner and may establish separate rates for each service component within the program by establishing fees for services or different per diem rates for each separate chemical dependency unit within the program based on actual costs attributable to the service or unit. The rate must allocate the cost of all anticipated maintenance, treatment, and expenses including depreciation of buildings and equipment, interest paid on bonds issued for capital improvements for chemical dependency programs, reimbursement and other indirect costs related to the operation of chemical dependency programs other than that paid from the Minnesota state building fund or the bond proceeds fund, and losses due to bad debt. The rate must not include allocations of chaplaincy, patient advocacy, or quality assurance costs that are not required for chemical dependency licensure by the commissioner or certification for chemical dependency by the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Hospitals. Notwithstanding any other law, the commissioner shall treat these costs as nonhospital department expenses.

Subd. 2.Depreciation collections.

Beginning July 1, 1987, depreciation collected under subdivision 1 must be credited to the general fund and principal and interest on the bonded debt collected under subdivision 1 must be deposited in the state bond fund.

Subd. 3.Responsibilities of commissioner.

The commissioner shall credit all receipts from billings for rates set in subdivision 1, except those credited according to subdivision 2, to the chemical dependency fund. This money must not be used for a regional treatment center activity that is not a chemical dependency service or an allocation of expenditures that are included in the base for computation of the rates under subdivision 1. The commissioner may expand chemical dependency services so long as expenditures are recovered by patient fees, transfer of funds, or supplementary appropriations. The commissioner may expand or reduce chemical dependency staff complement as long as expenditures are recovered by patient fees, transfer of funds, or supplementary appropriations. Notwithstanding chapters 176 and 268, the commissioner shall provide for the self-insurance of regional treatment center chemical dependency programs for the costs of unemployment benefits and workers' compensation claims.

Subd. 4.Trade secret information.

Notwithstanding any law to the contrary, data concerning matters affecting the competitive position of the chemical dependency programs is "trade secret information" for purposes of classification under section 13.37, subdivision 2.

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