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Minnesota Legislature

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Subdivision 1.When certified.

The chief administrative law judge or commissioner may certify a question of workers' compensation law to the Supreme Court as important and doubtful under the following circumstances:

(1) all parties to the case have stipulated in writing to the facts; and

(2) the issue to be resolved is a question of workers' compensation law that has not been resolved by the Minnesota Supreme Court.

Subd. 2.Expedited decision.

It is the legislature's intent that the Minnesota Supreme Court resolve the certified question as expeditiously as possible, after compliance by the parties with any requirements of the Minnesota Supreme Court regarding submission of legal memoranda, oral argument, or other matters, and after the participation of amicus curiae, should the Workers' Compensation Court of Appeals or Minnesota Supreme Court consider such participation advisable.

Subd. 3.Notice.

The commissioner or chief administrative law judge shall notify all persons who request to be notified of a certification under this section.