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136A.27 POLICY.

It is hereby declared that for the benefit of the people of the state, the increase of their commerce, welfare and prosperity and the improvement of their health and living conditions it is essential that this and future generations of youth be given the fullest opportunity to learn and to develop their intellectual and mental capacities; that it is essential that institutions of higher education within the state be provided with appropriate additional means to assist such youth in achieving the required levels of learning and development of their intellectual and mental capacities and be enabled to refinance outstanding indebtedness incurred to provide existing facilities used for such purposes in order to preserve and enhance the utilization of facilities for purposes of higher education, to extend or adjust maturities in relation to the resources available for their payment, and to save interest costs and thereby reduce tuition, fees and charges; and that it is the purpose of sections 136A.25 to 136A.42 to provide a measure of assistance and an alternative method to enable institutions of higher education in the state to provide the facilities and structures which are sorely needed to accomplish the purposes of sections 136A.25 to 136A.42, all to the public benefit and good, to the extent and manner provided herein.