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Subdivision 1.Development.

(a) The commissioner of health shall develop a standardized set of measures by which to assess the quality of health care services offered by health care providers, including health care providers certified as health care homes under section 256B.0751. Quality measures must be based on medical evidence and be developed through a process in which providers participate. The measures shall be used for the quality incentive payment system developed in subdivision 2 and must:

(1) include uniform definitions, measures, and forms for submission of data, to the greatest extent possible;

(2) seek to avoid increasing the administrative burden on health care providers;

(3) be initially based on existing quality indicators for physician and hospital services, which are measured and reported publicly by quality measurement organizations, including, but not limited to, Minnesota Community Measurement and specialty societies;

(4) place a priority on measures of health care outcomes, rather than process measures, wherever possible; and

(5) incorporate measures for primary care, including preventive services, coronary artery and heart disease, diabetes, asthma, depression, and other measures as determined by the commissioner.

(b) The measures shall be reviewed at least annually by the commissioner.

Subd. 2.Quality incentive payments.

(a) By July 1, 2009, the commissioner shall develop a system of quality incentive payments under which providers are eligible for quality-based payments that are in addition to existing payment levels, based upon a comparison of provider performance against specified targets, and improvement over time. The targets must be based upon and consistent with the quality measures established under subdivision 1.

(b) To the extent possible, the payment system must adjust for variations in patient population in order to reduce incentives to health care providers to avoid high-risk patients or populations.

(c) The requirements of section 62Q.101 do not apply under this incentive payment system.

Subd. 3.Quality transparency.

The commissioner shall establish standards for measuring health outcomes, establish a system for risk adjusting quality measures, and issue annual public reports on provider quality beginning July 1, 2010. By January 1, 2010, physician clinics and hospitals shall submit standardized electronic information on the outcomes and processes associated with patient care to the commissioner or the commissioner's designee. In addition to measures of care processes and outcomes, the report may include other measures designated by the commissioner, including, but not limited to, care infrastructure and patient satisfaction. The commissioner shall ensure that any quality data reporting requirements established under this subdivision are not duplicative of publicly reported, communitywide quality reporting activities currently under way in Minnesota. Nothing in this subdivision is intended to replace or duplicate current privately supported activities related to quality measurement and reporting in Minnesota.

Subd. 4.Contracting.

The commissioner may contract with a private entity or consortium of private entities to complete the tasks in subdivisions 1 to 3. The private entity or consortium must be nonprofit and have governance that includes representatives from the following stakeholder groups: health care providers, health plan companies, consumers, employers or other health care purchasers, and state government. No one stakeholder group shall have a majority of the votes on any issue or hold extraordinary powers not granted to any other governance stakeholder.

Subd. 5.Implementation.

(a) By January 1, 2010, health plan companies shall use the standardized quality measures established under this section and shall not require providers to use and report health plan company-specific quality and outcome measures.

(b) By July 1, 2010, the commissioner of management and budget shall implement this incentive payment system for all participants in the state employee group insurance program.

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