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Subdivision 1.Corrective plat.

That in all cases where the plats, or what purports to be plats, of any portion of the lands contained within any town or city of this state of additions or subdivisions thereof, which have been executed and filed in an office of any county recorder previous to January 1, 1915, fail to identify or correctly describe the land to be so platted or to show correctly upon their face the tract of land intended or purported to be platted thereby, or any such plats are defective by reason of the plat and the description of the land purported to be so platted thereby being inconsistent or incorrect, or there exists a defect in the execution of said plats on the part of the grantors thereof, the governing board or council of the municipality containing land so platted or purported to be so platted may authorize, within six months from the passage of Laws 1947, chapter 48, referring by the record book and page of such plat or plats in the office of the county recorder to the plat or plats to be corrected, the making of one or more plats which shall correctly show on the face thereof and by description of the land intended to be platted, which plat or plats may vary from the original plats in description as to lots and blocks to suit the best purpose and secure the best results, and such plat or plats, in a declaration thereon, shall recite such resolution and shall identify each separate tract of land described therein with such tract of land in the purported plat or plats intended to be corrected thereby, and shall be certified by the proper officers of the municipality as to authorization and by an engineer or surveyor as to correctness, and the signatures of such persons shall be acknowledged in like manner as a deed.

Subd. 2.Recording; prima facie evidence.

Such plat or plats when so certified and acknowledged may be filed in the office of the county recorder and the declaration therein may be recorded at length in a "Book of Plat Certificates"; and when so filed and recorded such plat or plats and declaration together with the record thereof shall be prima facie evidence in all matters shown or stated therein as to the lands covered thereby.

Subd. 3.Limitation on application.

This section shall not apply to a city whose charter provides for official supervision of plats by municipal officers, commission or board.

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