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Subdivision 1.Administrative remedies.

The Board of Animal Health may seek to remedy violations by authorizing the executive director to issue a written warning, administrative meeting, cease and desist, stop-sale, or other special order, seizure, stipulation, or agreement, if the board determines that the remedy is in the public interest.

Subd. 2.Revocation and suspension.

The board may, after written notice and hearing, revoke, suspend, or refuse to renew a permit, license, or certification if a person violates this chapter.

Subd. 3.Remedial action orders.

(a) If the Board of Animal Health has probable cause to believe that a diseased animal is kept, sold, transported, or disposed of in violation of this chapter, the board may investigate and issue a written cease and desist, stop-sale, stop-use, or removal order or other remedial action to the owner, custodian, or other responsible party. If the owner, custodian, or other responsible party is not available for service of the order, the board may attach the order to the animal and notify the owner, custodian, or other responsible party. The animal may not be sold, slaughtered, or transported until the violation has been corrected or brought into compliance and the order has been released in writing under conditions specified by the board, or until the violation has been otherwise disposed of by a court.

(b) If a violation of this chapter results in conditions that may have an unreasonable adverse effect on humans, domestic animals, wildlife, or the environment, the Board of Animal Health may, by order, require remedial action, including removal and proper disposal.

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