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Subdivision 1.Development and implementation of quality profiles.

(a) The commissioner of human services, in cooperation with the commissioner of health, shall develop and implement a quality profile system for nursing facilities and, beginning not later than July 1, 2004, other providers of long-term care services, except when the quality profile system would duplicate requirements under section 256B.5011, 256B.5012, or 256B.5013. The system must be developed and implemented to the extent possible without the collection of significant amounts of new data. To the extent possible, the system must incorporate or be coordinated with information on quality maintained by area agencies on aging, long-term care trade associations, and other entities. The system must be designed to provide information on quality to:

(1) consumers and their families to facilitate informed choices of service providers;

(2) providers to enable them to measure the results of their quality improvement efforts and compare quality achievements with other service providers; and

(3) public and private purchasers of long-term care services to enable them to purchase high-quality care.

(b) The system must be developed in consultation with the long-term care task force, area agencies on aging, and representatives of consumers, providers, and labor unions. Within the limits of available appropriations, the commissioners may employ consultants to assist with this project.

Subd. 2.Quality measurement tools.

The commissioners shall identify and apply existing quality measurement tools to:

(1) emphasize quality of care and its relationship to quality of life; and

(2) address the needs of various users of long-term care services, including, but not limited to, short-stay residents, persons with behavioral problems, persons with dementia, and persons who are members of minority groups.

The tools must be identified and applied, to the extent possible, without requiring providers to supply information beyond current state and federal requirements.

Subd. 3.Consumer surveys.

Following identification of the quality measurement tool, the commissioners shall conduct surveys of long-term care service consumers to develop quality profiles of providers. To the extent possible, surveys must be conducted face-to-face by state employees or contractors. At the discretion of the commissioners, surveys may be conducted by telephone or by provider staff. Surveys must be conducted periodically to update quality profiles of individual service providers.

Subd. 4.Dissemination of quality profiles.

By July 1, 2003, the commissioners shall implement a system to disseminate the quality profiles developed from consumer surveys using the quality measurement tool. Profiles may be disseminated to the Senior LinkAge line and to consumers, providers, and purchasers of long-term care services through all feasible printed and electronic outlets. The commissioners may conduct a public awareness campaign to inform potential users regarding profile contents and potential uses.

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