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Subdivision 1.Periodic review; equipment and operators.

The commissioner shall implement, by rule, a program for the periodic review of protein analysis, test weight, dockage testing devices, moisture testing equipment, and other equipment used to determine qualities upon which price is determined, and the operators of the equipment. If a review is performed by department personnel at the site of the test equipment, the review must consist of the performance of routine tests and analysis on one or more samples of grain by the principal operator of the test equipment.

Subd. 2.Tagging of out-of-compliance test equipment.

Personnel of the department who perform an on-site review of test equipment and operators shall prohibit the further use of test equipment that fails to meet and maintain acceptable tolerance levels established by rule.

Subd. 3.Follow-up review upon request.

The commissioner shall arrange for a follow-up review within seven business days of a periodic review if a follow-up review is requested by the test equipment operator.

Subd. 4.Request for commissioner to schedule a review.

A purchaser or seller of grain may request the commissioner to perform a review of the test equipment and test equipment operator that is used to test the grain. A signed request must be submitted to the commissioner and upon receipt of a request, the commissioner shall schedule a review at a reasonable time considering other duties and responsibilities of the department personnel.

Subd. 5.State not liable.

The state is not liable to a seller or purchaser of grain for losses resulting from erroneous tests or analysis by test equipment or test equipment operators, whether reviewed by the department or not, if the commissioner and the department have exercised due care in the scheduling and conduct of reviews under subdivisions 1 and 3.