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Subdivision 1.Appeal.

A person aggrieved by a final decision of an agency in granting or denying a permit shall seek redress directly and individually from that agency in the manner provided by chapter 14, or any other statute authorizing either judicial or administrative review of an agency decision.

Subd. 2.Agency jurisdiction.

Each state agency having jurisdiction to approve or deny an application for a permit shall have continuing power as vested in it prior to February 15, 1977, to make such determinations. Nothing in sections 116C.22 to 116C.34 shall lessen or reduce such powers, and such sections shall modify only the procedures to be followed in the carrying out of such powers.

Subd. 3.Additional information.

A state agency may in the performance of its responsibilities of decision making under sections 116C.22 to 116C.33, request or receive additional information from an applicant.

Subd. 4.Fee schedules.

Fee schedules authorized by statute for an application or permit shall continue to be applicable even though the application or permit is processed under the provisions set forth in sections 116C.22 to 116C.33. The coordination unit shall not charge the applicant or participating agencies a fee for its services.

Subd. 5.No applicability.

Sections 116C.22 to 116C.33 shall have no applicability to an application for a permit renewal, amendment, extension, or other similar document required subsequent to the completion of decisions and proceedings under sections 116C.27 to 116C.29, or to a replacement thereof or to a quasi-judicial or judicial proceeding held pursuant to an order of remand or similar order by a court in relation to a final decision of a state agency.

Subd. 6.Land use; zoning.

Nothing in sections 116C.22 to 116C.34 shall modify in any manner whatsoever the applicability or inapplicability of any land use rule, statute or local zoning ordinance to the lands of any state agency.