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116C.23 PURPOSE.

It shall be the purpose of sections 116C.22 to 116C.34:

(1) to provide an optional procedure to assist those who, in the course of satisfying the requirements of state government prior to undertaking a project which contemplates the use of the state's air, land, or water resources, must obtain more than one state permit, by establishing a mechanism in state government which will coordinate administrative decision-making procedures, and related quasi-judicial and judicial review, pertaining to these permits;

(2) to provide to the members of the public a better and easier opportunity to present their views comprehensively on proposed uses of natural resources and related environmental matters prior to the making of decisions on these uses by state or local agencies;

(3) to provide to the members of the public a greater degree of certainty in terms of permit requirements of state and local government;

(4) to provide better coordination and understanding between state and local agencies in the administration of the various programs relating to air, water, and land resources; and

(5) to establish the opportunity for members of the public to obtain information pertaining to requirements of federal and state law which must be satisfied prior to undertaking a project in this state.


1976 c 303 s 2