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Subdivision 1.Form.

A claim for compensation from the fund must be filed with the agency in the form required by the agency. When a claim does not include all the information required by subdivision 2 and applicable agency rules, the agency staff shall notify the claimant of the absence of the required information within 14 days of the filing of the claim. All required information must be received by the agency not later than 60 days after the claimant received notice of its absence or the claim will be inactivated and may not be resubmitted for at least one year following the date of inactivation. The agency may decide not to inactivate a claim under this subdivision if it finds serious extenuating circumstances.

Subd. 2.Required information.

A claimant must provide the following information as part of the claim, provided that nothing in this chapter shall be construed to require the claimant to initiate a court action before filing a claim:

(1) a sworn verification by the claimant of the facts set forth in the claim to the best of the claimant's knowledge;

(2) evidence that the claimant is an eligible person;

(3) evidence of the claimant's exposure to a named harmful substance;

(4) evidence that the claimant's exposure to the substance in the amount and duration experienced by the claimant could reasonably have been caused or significantly contributed to by the release of a harmful substance from a facility where the substance was placed or came to be located, to the extent the information is available to the claimant;

(5) evidence that the exposure experienced by the claimant can cause or can significantly contribute to the injury suffered by the claimant;

(6) evidence of the injury eligible for compensation suffered by the claimant and the compensable losses resulting from the injury;

(7) evidence of any property damage eligible for compensation and the amount of compensable losses resulting from the damage;

(8) information regarding any collateral sources of compensation; and

(9) other information required by the rules of the agency.

Subd. 3.Death claims.

In any case in which death is claimed as a compensable injury, the claim may be brought on behalf of the claimant by the claimant's estate for compensable medical expenses and by the claimant's trustee for death benefits for the claimant's dependents as defined in section 176.111.

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