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(a) Money held by or credited to a public pension plan as assets, including employer and employee contributions, state aid, appropriations from the state or a governmental subdivision, and accrued earnings on investments, constitutes a dedicated fund. The dedicated fund may be used exclusively to pay retirement annuities, service pensions, disability benefits, survivor benefits, refunds of contributions, or other benefits provided under the benefit plan document or documents governing the public pension plan, and to pay reasonable administrative expenses approved by the governing board of the public pension plan or by another appropriate authority. No assets of a public pension plan may be loaned or transferred to the state or a governmental subdivision or be used to amortize an unfunded actuarial accrued liability in another public pension plan or fund, whether or not the plan providing the assets consolidates or has consolidated with the plan receiving the assets. Nothing in this section prohibits a public pension plan or the State Board of Investment from investing the assets of a plan as authorized by law, including the investment of the assets of public pension plans by the State Board of Investment in a commingled investment fund.

(b) A public pension plan for purposes of this section means a pension plan or fund specified in section 356.20, subdivision 2, or 356.30, subdivision 3, or a retirement or pension plan or fund, including a supplemental retirement plan or fund, established, maintained, or supported by a governmental subdivision or public body whose revenues are derived from taxation, fees, assessments, or other public sources.

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