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Subdivision 1.Grant application.

The commissioners of corrections and public safety, in cooperation with the commissioner of human services, shall jointly administer a program to provide grants to counties to establish and operate programs of intensive probation for repeat violators of the driving while impaired laws. The commissioners shall adopt an application form on which a county or a group of counties may apply for a grant to establish and operate an impaired driving repeat offender program.

Subd. 2.Goals.

The goals of the impaired driving repeat offender program are to protect public safety and provide an appropriate sentencing alternative for persons convicted of repeat violations of section 169A.20 (driving while impaired), who are considered to be of high risk to the community.

Subd. 3.Program elements.

To be considered for a grant under this section, a county program must contain the following elements:

(1) an initial assessment of the offender's chemical dependency, based on the results of a chemical use assessment conducted under section 169A.70, with recommended treatment and aftercare, and a requirement that the offender follow the recommended treatment and aftercare;

(2) several stages of probation supervision, including:

(i) a period of incarceration in a local or regional detention facility;

(ii) a period during which an offender is, at all times, either working, on home detention, being supervised at a program facility, or traveling between two of these locations;

(iii) a period of home detention; and

(iv) a period of gradually decreasing involvement with the program;

(3) decreasing levels of intensity and contact with probation officials based on the offender's successful participation in the program and compliance with its rules;

(4) a provision for increasing the severity of the program's requirements when an offender offends again or violates the program's rules;

(5) a provision for offenders to continue or seek employment during their period of intensive probation;

(6) a requirement that offenders abstain from alcohol and controlled substances during the probation period and be tested for such use on a routine basis; and

(7) a requirement that all or a substantial part of the costs of the program be paid by the offenders.

Subd. 4.Training.

Counties participating in the program shall provide relevant training in intensive probation programs to affected officials.

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