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Subdivision 1.Policy required.

The Board of Trustees of the Minnesota State Colleges and Universities shall, and the University of Minnesota is requested to, adopt a clear, understandable written policy on sexual harassment and sexual violence that informs victims of their rights under the crime victims bill of rights, including the right to assistance from the Crime Victims Reparations Board and the commissioner of public safety. The policy must apply to students and employees and must provide information about their rights and duties. The policy must apply to criminal incidents occurring on property owned by the postsecondary system or institution in which the victim is a student or employee of that system or institution. It must include procedures for reporting incidents of sexual harassment or sexual violence and for disciplinary actions against violators. During student registration, each technical college, community college, or state university shall, and the University of Minnesota is requested to, provide each student with information regarding its policy. A copy of the policy also shall be posted at appropriate locations on campus at all times. Each private postsecondary institution that is an eligible institution as defined in section 136A.155, must adopt a policy that meets the requirements of this section.

Subd. 2.Victims' rights.

The policy required under subdivision 1 shall, at a minimum, require that students and employees be informed of the policy, and shall include provisions for:

(1) filing criminal charges with local law enforcement officials in sexual assault cases;

(2) the prompt assistance of campus authorities, at the request of the victim, in notifying the appropriate law enforcement officials and disciplinary authorities of a sexual assault incident;

(3) an investigation and resolution of a sexual assault complaint by campus disciplinary authorities;

(4) a sexual assault victim's participation in and the presence of the victim's attorney or other support person at any campus disciplinary proceeding concerning a sexual assault complaint;

(5) notice to a sexual assault victim of the outcome of any campus disciplinary proceeding concerning a sexual assault complaint, consistent with laws relating to data practices;

(6) the complete and prompt assistance of campus authorities, at the direction of law enforcement authorities, in obtaining, securing, and maintaining evidence in connection with a sexual assault incident;

(7) the assistance of campus authorities in preserving for a sexual assault complainant or victim materials relevant to a campus disciplinary proceeding; and

(8) the assistance of campus personnel, in cooperation with the appropriate law enforcement authorities, at a sexual assault victim's request, in shielding the victim from unwanted contact with the alleged assailant, including transfer of the victim to alternative classes or to alternative college-owned housing, if alternative classes or housing are available and feasible.

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