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72A.494 NOTICE.

Subdivision 1.Required.

Each insurer or insurance agent shall provide a notice relating to information practices to each applicant or policyholder in the manner and at the time required by this section.

Subd. 2.Exemption.

A notice is not required to be provided under this section for:

(1) a group policy or contract that is not individually underwritten; or

(2) a renewal, reinstatement, or a change in benefits for a policy or contract if no personal information is to be collected other than from the applicant or policyholder, or from public records.

Subd. 3.Timing.

(a) In the case of an application for insurance coverage, the notice must be provided to the applicant or policyholder no later than the time application is made for the coverage, renewal, reinstatement, or change in benefits.

(b) If personal information is to be collected only from the applicant or from public records, the notice may be provided at the time of delivery of the policy or the certificate.

Subd. 4.Content of notice.

The notice required by this section must be in writing and state:

(1) whether personal information may be collected from persons other than the individual or individuals proposed for coverage;

(2) the types of personal information that may be collected and the types of sources and investigative techniques that may be used to collect the information;

(3) the types of disclosures of personal information that may be made under section 72A.501 and the circumstances under which the disclosures may be made without prior authorization; except that only those circumstances which occur with such frequency as to indicate a general business practice must be described;

(4) a description of the rights established under sections 72A.497 and 72A.498 and the manner in which those rights may be exercised; and

(5) that information obtained from a report prepared by an insurance-support organization may be retained by the insurance-support organization and disclosed to other persons.

Subd. 5.Abbreviated notice.

In lieu of the notice required under subdivision 4, the insurer or insurance agent may provide an abbreviated notice informing the applicant or policyholder that:

(1) personal information may be collected from persons other than the person or persons proposed for coverage;

(2) the information collected by the insurer or insurance agent may in certain circumstances be disclosed to third parties without authorization;

(3) the person has a right to see their personal records and correct personal information collected; and

(4) the person will be furnished the detailed notice required under subdivision 4 upon request.

Subd. 6.Other companies or agencies acting on its behalf.

The obligations imposed by this section upon an insurer or insurance agent may be satisfied by another insurer or insurance agent authorized to act on its behalf.


1989 c 316 s 6

Official Publication of the State of Minnesota
Revisor of Statutes