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Subdivision 1.Terms, vacancies, conditions; exclusions.

The county board shall appoint four persons to serve staggered terms as members of a personnel board of appeals. After the first appointments, successors shall serve for terms of three years each. Expiration dates for expiring terms shall be fixed by the county board and vacancies shall be filled by a majority vote of the county board for the unexpired term. Persons appointed to the personnel board of appeals shall not serve while holding any county office, while standing as a candidate for any county office, or while employed by the county. Each member shall be a resident of the county and shall forfeit office on becoming a nonresident.

Subd. 2.Expenses; county board sets pay.

Compensation for members of the personnel board of appeals shall be set by the county board and each member shall be paid actual and necessary expenses.

Subd. 3.Chair, vice-chair, rules.

The personnel board of appeals shall organize by electing a chair and vice-chair. It shall develop rules of procedure for matters brought before it under sections 383D.21 to 383D.35 and rules promulgated under sections 383D.21 to 383D.35.