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Subdivision 1.Definition.

For the purposes of this section, "lamp recycling facility" means a facility operated to remove, recover, and recycle for reuse mercury or other hazardous materials from fluorescent or high intensity discharge lamps.

Subd. 2.Lamp recycling facility; permits or licenses; reporting.

(a) A person may not operate a lamp recycling facility without obtaining a permit or license for the facility from the agency. The permit or license must require:

(1) a plan for response to releases, including emergency response;

(2) proof of financial responsibility for closure and any necessary postclosure care at the facility which may include a performance bond or other insurance;

(3) liability insurance or another financial mechanism that provides proof of financial responsibility for response actions required under chapter 115B; and

(4) by March 1 each year, beginning in 2008, an annual report to the agency on the number and type of lamps received from businesses and households in the state and total number of lamps received from all generators outside of the state.

The agency shall specify the format for the report under clause (4) and make the reported information available on the agency's Web site.

(b) A lamp recycling facility that is licensed or permitted by a county under section 473.811, subdivision 5b, complies with this subdivision if the license or permit held by the facility contains at least all the terms and conditions required by the agency for a license or permit issued under this subdivision.

(c) A lamp recycling facility with a demonstrated capability for recycling that is in operation prior to adoption of rules for a licensing or permitting process for the facility by the agency may continue to operate in accordance with a compliance agreement or other approval by the commissioner until a license or permit is issued by the agency under this subdivision.

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