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Subdivision 1.Joinder.

When any personal property shall be transported by two or more connecting common carriers into or through this state and shall become injured or damaged during transportation, the consignor, consignee or owner thereof, or the owner's assignee, in an action to recover damages for such injury, may join as parties defendant one or more of such connecting common carriers with the last or delivering common carrier.

Subd. 2.Pleading and proof.

In any such action brought in any court of this state against the last or delivering carrier and any one or more connecting common carriers, it shall be sufficient for the plaintiff to allege in the complaint and prove upon the trial of such action, that such personal property was in good order and condition when delivered to the initial carrier, that the same was transported from the initial point of shipment to its destination by two or more connecting common carriers, including the defendants, that it was in whole or in part injured or damaged on arrival at destination, and the general nature and amount of such injury or damage thereto, and such proof shall be prima facie evidence that such injury or damage was caused by the negligence of all the defendants and the amount of loss or damage caused to such property by the negligence of each and every one of the defendants shall be determined by the jury upon the trial of the action from all the evidence in the case, and a verdict rendered accordingly.


(9183, 9184) 1907 c 446 s 1,2; 1986 c 444