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524.5-113 NOTICE.

(a) Except for notice for which specific requirements are otherwise provided in this article or as otherwise ordered by the court for good cause, notice of a hearing on a petition is required for all petitions in the manner prescribed by this section. The petitioner shall give notice of the time and place of the hearing to all interested persons. Notice must be given by mail postmarked at least 14 days before the hearing.

(b) Proof of notice must be made before or at the hearing and filed in the proceeding.

(c) A notice under this article must be given in plain language.

(d) If a patient of a state hospital, regional center, or any state-operated service has a guardianship or conservatorship established, modified, or terminated, the head of the state hospital, regional center, or state-operated service shall be notified. The notice shall require the institution to advise the court of the existence, if known, of a health care directive as defined in section 145C.01, executed by the proposed ward, incapacitated person, or protected person, a living will executed under chapter 145B, or any other similar document executed in another state and enforceable under the laws of this state. If a ward, incapacitated person, or protected person is under the guardianship or conservatorship of the commissioner of human services as developmentally disabled or dependent and neglected or is under the temporary custody of the commissioner of human services, the court shall notify the commissioner of human services if the public guardianship or conservatorship is established, modified, or terminated.

(e) If a conservator is required to file a bond pursuant to section 524.5-415, notice of any proceeding must be sent or delivered to the surety at the address shown in the court records at the place where the bond is filed and to any other address then known to the petitioner.

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