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Any powers granted to a municipality under this chapter, other than the power to issue general obligation bonds and levy taxes, may be exercised by any other governmental unit. This grant of authority does not limit the powers granted to an entity under any other law. In connection with the issuance of bonds authorized to be issued by any law or charter provision other than this chapter, a governmental unit determining to exercise any power under any of sections 475.54, 475.55, 475.553, 475.56, 475.561, 475.60, 475.61, 475.65, 475.67, 475.69, 475.70, and 475.78 may do so notwithstanding any contrary provision in the authorizing law or charter unless the authorizing law or charter provides that this chapter or the specific section does not apply. This section is, in part, remedial in nature. Obligations issued prior to June 2, 1995, are not invalid or unenforceable for providing terms, consequences, or remedies that are authorized by this section and chapter 475.