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Subdivision 1.Leave of absence.

A member of the police department who is an active member of the police relief association of the city of Minneapolis and who after January 1, 1969, is elected to a public office of the city may apply for and must be granted a leave of absence from the police department during the time the person is an incumbent of the elective public office of the city.

Subd. 2.Continuation of membership.

Upon obtaining a leave of absence provided in subdivision 1, a member with ten or more years of service in the police department and the police relief association has the option to continue active membership in the police relief association of the city of Minneapolis. This option applies to future service as well as past service. The member desiring to exercise this option must make application to the governing body of the association, must designate the period of service for which the person desires coverage, and must pay the employee contribution to the police relief association to the same extent that the member would have paid had the person been on active duty with the police department during that period.

Subd. 3.No simultaneous coverage.

A payment into the pension fund as provided in subdivision 2 may not be made or accepted and pension credit may not be allowed for any period of time for which the member pays into or earns pension credit from any other Minnesota pension plan for public employees.

Subd. 4.Waiver of other rights.

A qualified member who exercises the option provided in subdivision 2 and is at that time a contributing member of another retirement fund or relief association by whatever name known, organized under any other law, and supported in whole or in part by the taxes on the same city, shall waive all benefits from the other retirement fund or relief association, for concurrent time, and shall be entitled to receive a refund of the net accumulated contributions made by the member to the other retirement fund or relief association, with interest, regardless of the provision of any law, rule, bylaw, or other action permitting or requiring membership in the other retirement fund or relief association, however organized.

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