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Subdivision 1.Formation of corporation.

A parish of the Protestant Episcopal church organized under and in conformity with the constitution and canons of any diocese in this state may form a corporation, as follows. The parish shall prepare a certificate containing:

(1) the name and location of the parish;

(2) the name of the rector, if any, and of the church wardens, and the names and number of the vestry members, which must be at least three, and not more than 12; and

(3) the date of the organization of the parish.

Subd. 2.Certificate signed.

The certificate must be signed and acknowledged by the rector, if any, and by a majority of the wardens and vestry members.

Subd. 3.Recording certificate; powers.

Upon signing, acknowledging, and recording the certificate with the county recorder of the county of its location, the parish becomes a corporation by the name specified in its certificate. Through its officers, it may transact parish business, including calling a rector and determining the rector's salary. In its corporate name, it may acquire or receive, by purchase, gift, grant, devise, or bequest, any property, real, personal, or mixed, and hold, sell, transfer, mortgage, convey, loan, let, or otherwise use the property for the use and benefit of the parish if the use does not contravene the laws and usages of the Protestant Episcopal church of the state. It may not divert a gift, grant, or bequest from the purpose specified in writing by the donor, or devisor. It may not sell, convey, or mortgage its church or church site unless first authorized so to do in a meeting of the parish called for that purpose, nor in contravention of the canons of the diocese or of the general convention of the Protestant Episcopal church of the United States.

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