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In any county or group of counties the county boards may purchase, lease, erect, equip, and maintain a county home school for boys and girls, or a separate home school for boys and a separate home school for girls. The juvenile court may transfer legal custody of a delinquent child to the home school in the manner provided in section 260B.198. The county home school may, with the approval of the district court judges in counties now or hereafter having a population of more than 200,000, or of the juvenile court judges in all other counties, be a separate institution, or it may be established and operated in connection with any other organized charitable or educational institution. However, the plans, location, equipment, and operation of the county home school shall in all cases have the approval of the said judges. There shall be a superintendent or matron, or both, for such school, who shall be appointed and removed by the said judges. The salaries of the superintendent, matron, and other employees shall be fixed by the said judges, subject to the approval of the county board. The county board of each county to which this section applies is hereby authorized, empowered, and required to provide the necessary funds to make all needful appropriations to carry out the provisions of this section. The commissioner of education, or other persons having charge of the public schools in any city of the first or second class in a county where a county home school is maintained pursuant to the provisions of this section may furnish all necessary instructors, school books, and school supplies for the boys and girls placed in any such home school.

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