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Subdivision 1.State collections.

The commissioner is responsible for all collections from persons determined to be partially responsible for the cost of care of an eligible person receiving services under Laws 1986, chapter 394, sections 8 to 20. The commissioner may initiate, or request the attorney general to initiate, necessary civil action to recover the unpaid cost of care. The commissioner may collect all third-party payments for chemical dependency services provided under Laws 1986, chapter 394, sections 8 to 20, including private insurance and federal Medicaid and Medicare financial participation. The commissioner shall deposit in a dedicated account a percentage of collections to pay for the cost of operating the chemical dependency consolidated treatment fund invoice processing and vendor payment system, billing, and collections. The remaining receipts must be deposited in the chemical dependency fund.

Subd. 2.Allocation of collections.

The commissioner shall allocate all federal financial participation collections to the reserve fund under section 254B.02, subdivision 3. The commissioner shall retain 85 percent of patient payments and third-party payments and allocate the collections to the treatment allocation for the county that is financially responsible for the person. Fifteen percent of patient and third-party payments must be paid to the county financially responsible for the patient. Collections for patient payment and third-party payment for services provided under section 254B.09 shall be allocated to the allocation of the tribal unit which placed the person. Collections of federal financial participation for services provided under section 254B.09 shall be allocated to the tribal reserve account under section 254B.09, subdivision 5.

Subd. 3.Payment; denial.

The commissioner shall pay eligible vendors for placements made by local agencies under section 254B.03, subdivision 1, and placements by tribal designated agencies according to section 254B.09. The commissioner may reduce or deny payment of the state share when services are not provided according to the placement criteria established by the commissioner. The commissioner may pay for all or a portion of improper county chemical dependency placements and bill the county for the entire payment made when the placement did not comply with criteria established by the commissioner. The commissioner may make payments to vendors and charge the county 100 percent of the payments if documentation of a county approved placement is received more than 30 working days, exclusive of weekends and holidays, after the date services began. The commissioner shall not pay vendors until private insurance company claims have been settled.

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