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Subdivision 1.Employment option.

The commissioner of human services, in consultation with the commissioner of corrections, shall develop an employment option for persons committed to a sexual psychopathic personality treatment center in order for patients to contribute to their cost of care. The employment may include work maintaining the center or work that is brought to the center by an outside source. The earnings generated must be deposited into the account created in subdivision 2 and divided between the participating patient and the center, in an effort to reduce state costs.

Subd. 2.Minnesota sex offender program; productive day program account.

A productive day program account is created in the state treasury. Money collected by the commissioner of human services for the program under this section must be deposited in this account. Money in the account is appropriated to the commissioner for purposes of this section.

Subd. 3.Money.

The commissioner has the authority to collect money resulting from the productive day program, and retain 50 percent to reimburse the state for the cost of administering the work program and for the purpose of reducing state costs associated with the Minnesota sex offender program and return 50 percent of the earnings to the patient.