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Subdivision 1.Definition.

As used in this section, "conditional release" means probation, conditional release, and supervised release.

Subd. 2.Establishment.

The Department of Corrections shall administer and maintain a computerized data system for the purpose of assisting criminal justice agencies in monitoring and enforcing the conditions of conditional release imposed on criminal offenders by a sentencing court or the commissioner of corrections. The adult data and juvenile data as defined in section 260B.171 in the statewide supervision system are private data as defined in section 13.02, subdivision 12, but are accessible to criminal justice agencies as defined in section 13.02, subdivision 3a, to public defenders as provided in section 611.272, to all trial courts and appellate courts, and to criminal justice agencies in other states in the conduct of their official duties.

Subd. 3.Authority to enter or retrieve data.

Only criminal justice agencies may submit data to the statewide supervision system and only persons who are authorized users under subdivision 2 may obtain data from the system. The commissioner of corrections may require that any or all information be submitted to the statewide supervision system. A consent to the release of data in the statewide supervision system from the individual who is the subject of the data is not effective.

Subd. 4.Procedures.

The Department of Corrections shall adopt procedures to provide for the orderly collection, entry, retrieval, and deletion of data contained in the statewide supervision system.

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