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Subdivision 1.Creation and membership.

The board of governors of the Big Island Veterans Camp - Lake Minnetonka supervises and manages the camp. The board consists of eight members. Two members each are appointed by the state level organization of the American Legion, the Disabled American Veterans, the Military Order of the Purple Heart, and the Veterans of Foreign Wars provided that at least two appointees are Vietnam veterans. The commissioner of veterans affairs or the commissioner's designee may attend and participate in an advisory capacity at any of the board meetings. The term of each member of the board is two years or until the appointment and qualification of a successor. The board selects a chair and secretary from its membership who serve terms of one year.

Subd. 2.Vacancies and removal.

A member of the board may be removed at any time by the organization appointing that member. Also, by written notice to the appointing organization, the board may remove the member if the member has been absent for three consecutive meetings of the board. To remove a member, the board must notify in writing the appointing organization and the member after the second consecutive missed meeting that the member may be removed if the next meeting is missed. Any vacancy on the board is filled for the remainder of the unexpired term in the same manner as the original appointment.


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