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Subdivision 1.Referendum revenues.

The referendum revenue authorization of the combined district shall be one of the methods set forth in section 123A.73, subdivision 4, 5, or 6, and must be consistent with the plan adopted according to section 123A.36, and any subsequent modifications.

Subd. 2.Bonded debt.

Debt service for bonds outstanding at the time of the combination may be levied by the combined board consistent with the plan adopted according to section 123A.36, and any subsequent modifications, subject to section 475.61. The primary obligation to pay the bonded indebtedness that is outstanding on the effective date of combination remains with the district that issued the bonds. However, the combined district may make debt service payments on behalf of a preexisting district.

Subd. 3.Capital loan.

The combined board may levy for the obligations for a capital loan outstanding at the time of combination, consistent with the plan adopted according to section 123A.36 and any subsequent modifications. The primary obligation to levy as required by the capital loan remains with taxable property in the preexisting district that obtained the capital loan. However, the obligation of a capital loan may be extended to all of the taxable property in the combined district.

Subd. 4.Transitional levy.

The board of the combined district, or the boards of combining districts that have received voter approval for the combination under section 123A.37, subdivision 2, may levy for the expenses of negotiation, administrative expenses directly related to the transition from cooperation to combination, and the cost of necessary new athletic and music uniforms. The board or boards may levy this amount over three or fewer years. All expenses must be approved by the commissioner of education.

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