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    Subdivision 1. Lease terms. (a) The commissioner of natural resources may lease land under
the commissioner's jurisdiction and control:
(1) to remove sand, gravel, clay, rock, marl, peat, and black dirt;
(2) to store ore, waste materials from mines, or rock and tailings from ore milling plants;
(3) for roads or railroads; or
(4) for other uses consistent with the interests of the state.
(b) The commissioner shall offer the lease at public or private sale for an amount and
under terms and conditions prescribed by the commissioner. Commercial leases for more than
ten years and leases for removal of peat that cover 320 or more acres must be approved by the
Executive Council.
(c) The lease term may not exceed ten years except:
(1) leases of lands for storage sites for ore, waste materials from mines, or rock and tailings
from ore milling plants, or for the removal of peat may not exceed a term of 25 years;
(2) leases for the use of peat lands for agricultural purposes may not exceed 21 years; and
(3) leases for commercial purposes, including major resort, convention center, or recreational
area purposes, may not exceed a term of 40 years.
(d) Leases must be subject to sale and leasing of the land for mineral purposes and contain a
provision for cancellation for just cause at any time by the commissioner upon six months' written
notice. A longer notice period, not exceeding three years, may be provided in leases for storing
ore, waste materials from mines or rock or tailings from ore milling plants. The commissioner
may determine the terms and conditions, including the notice period, for cancellation of a lease
for the removal of peat and commercial leases.
(e) Money received from leases under this section must be credited to the fund to which
the land belongs.
    Subd. 2. Leases for tailings deposits. The commissioner may grant leases and licenses to
deposit tailings from any iron ore beneficiation plant in any public lake not exceeding 160 acres in
area after holding a public hearing in the manner and under the procedure provided in Laws 1937,
chapter 468, as amended and finding in pursuance of the hearing:
(a) that such use of each lake is necessary and in the best interests of the public; and
(b) that the proposed use will not result in pollution or sedimentation of any outlet stream.
The lease or license may not exceed a term of 25 years and must be subject to cancellation
on three years' notice. The commissioner may further restrict use of the lake to safeguard the
public interest, and may require that the lessee or licensee acquire suitable permits or easements
from the owners of lands riparian to the lake. Money received from the leases or licenses must
be deposited in the permanent school fund.
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Revisor of Statutes