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Minnesota Legislature

Office of the Revisor of Statutes

Each geographic administrative unit of the Division of Forestry identified by the
commissioner as an appropriate unit for forest resource planning shall have a unit forest resource
plan which is consistent with the forest resource management policy and plan, including state
reforestation and road policies. The scope and content of the plan shall be determined by the
commissioner. The plan is not subject to the rulemaking provisions of chapter 14 and section
14.386 does not apply. A unit plan shall not be implemented until approved by the commissioner
by written order that is published in the State Register.
A unit plan shall set forth the specific goals and objectives for the management, protection,
development, and production of forest resources in the administrative unit. A unit plan shall be
integrated with other uses not managed under the multiple use, sustained yield principles policy
when those uses have been authorized and approved according to law, including compliance with
environmental review procedures. Unit plans shall be revised as necessary to remain consistent
with the forest resource management plan.
History: 1982 c 511 s 6; 2004 c 221 s 28