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As a part of the examination provided for by section 6.48, of the accounts of the several
counties within a game preserve, area, or project established under section 84A.01, 84A.20,
or 84A.31, the state auditor shall segregate the audit of the accounts reflecting the receipt and
disbursement of money collected or disbursed under this chapter or from the sale of tax-forfeited
lands held by the state under section 84A.07, 84A.26, or 84A.36. The auditor shall also include
in the reports required by section 6.48 summary statements as of December 31 before the
examination that set forth the proportionate amount of principal and interest due from the state
to the individual county and any money due the state from the county remaining unpaid under
this chapter, or from the sale of any tax-forfeited lands referred to in this section, and other
information required by the commissioner of finance. On receiving a report, the commissioner of
finance shall determine the net amount due to the county for the period covered by the report and
shall draw a warrant upon the state treasury payable out of the consolidated fund for that amount.
It must be paid to and received by the county as payment in full of all amounts due for the period
stated on the warrants from the state under any provision of this chapter.
Money to pay the warrants is appropriated to the counties entitled to payment from the
consolidated fund in the state treasury.
History: 1949 c 498 s 3; 1959 c 158 s 7; 1973 c 492 s 7,14; 1Sp1981 c 4 art 1 s 64; 1987
c 229 art 1 s 1

Official Publication of the State of Minnesota
Revisor of Statutes