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The following funds must be paid to the state treasury, credited to the project to which they
pertain and are annually appropriated to its purposes:
(1) the proceeds of all certificates of indebtedness issued under sections 84A.20 to 84A.30;
(2) money received from redemption, as provided in sections 84A.22 to 84A.30;
(3) money received as gifts to the state for the purposes of any project;
(4) income from the operation, development, management, and use of these projects,
including fees from licenses and permits;
(5) income received from the sale of all birds, animals, fish, and plants from the projects and
from the sale of lands and timber owned by the state within the area, other than university, school,
and swamp lands, state forest lands set apart under the Minnesota Constitution, article XI, section
11, and state lands acquired under the system of rural credit; and
(6) state money transferred to the project under state law.
Under sections 84A.20 to 84A.30, the aggregate of all certificates of indebtedness issued
must not exceed $2,250,000.
History: (6452-3) 1931 c 407 s 3; 1937 c 312 s 1; 1965 c 51 s 11; 1976 c 2 s 172; 1987
c 229 art 1 s 1

Official Publication of the State of Minnesota
Revisor of Statutes