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(a) The Department of Natural Resources shall manage and control the Red Lake Game
Preserve. The department may adopt and enforce rules for the care, preservation, protection,
breeding, propagation, and disposition of all species of wildlife in the preserve. The department
may adopt and enforce rules for the regulation, issuance, sale, and revocation of special licenses
or special permits for hunting, fishing, camping, and other uses of this area, consistent with
sections 84A.01 to 84A.11. The department may by rule set the terms, conditions, and charges for
these licenses and permits.
(b) The rules may specify and control the terms under which wildlife may be taken,
captured, or killed in the preserve, and under which fur-bearing animals, or animals and fish
otherwise having commercial value, may be taken, captured, trapped, killed, sold, and removed
from it. These rules may also provide for (1) the afforestation and reforestation of state lands
in the preserve, (2) the sale of merchantable timber from these lands when, in the opinion of
the department, it can be sold and removed without damage or injury to the further use and
development of the land for wildlife and game in the preserve, and (3) the purposes for which the
preserve is established by sections 84A.01 to 84A.11.
(c) The department may provide for the policing of the preserve as necessary for its proper
development and use for the purposes specified. The commissioner of natural resources may
employ and designate individuals according to section 84.0835 to enforce laws governing the
use of the preserve.
(d) The department shall also adopt and enforce rules concerning the burning of grass,
timber slashings, and other flammable matter, and the clearing, development, and use of lands
in the preserve as necessary to prevent forest fires and grass fires that would injure the use and
development of this area for wildlife preservation and propagation and to protect its forest and
wooded areas.
(e) Lands within the preserve are subject to the rules, whether owned by the state or
privately, consistent with the rights of the private owners and with applicable state law. The rules
may establish areas and zones within the preserve where hunting, fishing, trapping, or camping is
prohibited or specially regulated, to protect and propagate particular wildlife in the preserve.
(f) Rules adopted under sections 84A.01 to 84A.11 must be posted on the boundaries of the
History: (5620-2) 1929 c 258 s 2; 1961 c 560 s 9; 1985 c 248 s 70; 1986 c 386 art 4 s 16;
1987 c 229 art 1 s 1; 1991 c 259 s 8; 2003 c 128 art 1 s 36; 2004 c 260 s 4

Official Publication of the State of Minnesota
Revisor of Statutes