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    Subdivision 1.[Repealed, 1Sp1997 c 2 s 69]
    Subd. 2.[Repealed, 1Sp1997 c 2 s 69]
    Subd. 3.[Repealed, 1Sp1997 c 2 s 69]
    Subd. 4.[Repealed, 1Sp1997 c 2 s 69]
    Subd. 5.[Repealed, 1Sp1997 c 2 s 69]
    Subd. 6.[Repealed, 1Sp1997 c 2 s 69]
    Subd. 7. Coroner to report death. Every coroner or medical examiner shall report in
writing to the Department of Natural Resources the death of any person within the jurisdiction of
the coroner or medical examiner as the result of an accident involving an off-road recreational
vehicle, as defined in section 169A.03, subdivision 16, and the circumstances of the accident. The
report shall be made within 15 days after the death.
In the case of drivers killed in off-road recreational vehicle accidents and of the death of
passengers 14 years of age or older, who die within four hours after accident, the coroner or
medical examiner shall examine the body and shall make tests as are necessary to determine
the presence and percentage concentration of alcohol, and drugs if feasible, in the blood of the
victim. This information shall be included in each report submitted pursuant to the provisions of
this subdivision and shall be tabulated by the Department of Natural Resources. Periodically, the
commissioner of natural resources must transmit a summary of the reports to the commissioner
of public safety.
History: 1987 c 368 s 4; 1990 c 391 art 8 s 13,14; 1992 c 570 art 2 s 2; 1994 c 615 s 3;
1995 c 185 s 1; 1Sp1997 c 2 s 3; 2000 c 478 art 2 s 7

Official Publication of the State of Minnesota
Revisor of Statutes