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    Subdivision 1. Definitions. (a) For the purposes of this section, the following terms have
the meanings given them.
(b) "Peace officer" means an employee of a political subdivision or state law enforcement
agency who is licensed pursuant to sections 626.84 to 626.863 charged with the prevention and
detection of crime and the enforcement of the general criminal laws of the state and who has full
power of arrest, and shall also include Minnesota state troopers, state conservation officers, park
police, and University of Minnesota police officers.
(c) "Security guard" means any person who is paid a fee, wage, or salary to perform one
or more of the following functions:
(1) prevention or detection of intrusion, unauthorized entry or activity, vandalism, or trespass
on private property;
(2) prevention or detection of theft, loss, embezzlement, misappropriation, or concealment of
merchandise, money, bonds, stocks, notes, or other valuable documents or papers;
(3) control, regulation, or direction of the flow or movements of the public, whether by
vehicle or otherwise, to assure protection of private property;
(4) protection of individuals from bodily harm;
(5) prevention or detection of intrusion, unauthorized entry or activity, vandalism, or trespass
on Minnesota National Guard facilities, including, but not limited to, Camp Ripley and Air
National Guard air bases; or
(6) enforcement of policies and rules of the security guard's employer related to crime
reduction insofar as such enforcement falls within the scope of security guard's duties.
The term "security guard" does not include: (i) auditors, accountants, and accounting
personnel performing audits or accounting functions; (ii) employees of a firm licensed pursuant to
section 326.3381 whose duties are primarily administrative or clerical in nature; (iii) unarmed
security personnel; (iv) personnel temporarily employed pursuant to statute or ordinance by
political subdivisions to provide protective services at social functions; (v) employees of air
or rail carriers.
    Subd. 2. Uniforms. Uniforms for peace officers shall be of uniform colors throughout the
state as provided herein. Uniforms for:
(a) municipal peace officers, including University of Minnesota peace officers and peace
officers assigned to patrol duties in parks, shall be blue, brown, or green;
(b) peace officers who are members of the county sheriffs' office shall be blue, brown,
or green;
(c) state troopers shall be maroon;
(d) conservation officers shall be green.
The uniforms of security guards may be any color other than those specified for peace
This subdivision shall apply to uniforms purchased subsequent to January 1, 1981.
    Subd. 3. Exception. Security guards employed by the Capitol Complex Security Division of
the Department of Public Safety are not required to comply with subdivision 2.
History: 1980 c 578 s 9; 1981 c 37 s 2; 1981 c 310 s 16; 1983 c 293 s 109; 1Sp1985 c 10 s
118; 1986 c 444; 1989 c 209 art 2 s 1; 1997 c 7 art 1 s 169; 2005 c 10 art 2 s 4; 2006 c 273 s 13

Official Publication of the State of Minnesota
Revisor of Statutes