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Office of the Revisor of Statutes

When the venue shall be changed in a civil action upon the consent of parties, with or
without an order of court, to a county other than the one where the same is properly triable or
by an order of the court under section 542.11, clause (3) or (4), the expenses of the trial of such
action, including officers and jurors fees, and all expenses caused by the trial of such action which
would not otherwise have been incurred by the county where the same is tried shall be paid by the
county in which such action was commenced.
Such expenses shall be paid in the first instance by the county in which the action is tried and
thereupon the court administrator of that county shall prepare, under hand and seal, an itemized
statement of such expenses and, upon approval thereof by the judge of the court in which the trial
was had, and the filing of such itemized statement and approval in the office of the auditor of the
county in which such action was commenced, such auditor shall issue a warrant for the amount of
such approved statement in favor of the county in which the trial was had.
History: (9222,9223) 1917 c 421 s 1,2; 1986 c 444; 1Sp1986 c 3 art 1 s 82