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Minnesota Legislature

Office of the Revisor of Statutes

Upon the consolidation or merger of a corporation with or into any one or more corporations
as herein provided, the corporate existence of each former corporation shall be merged into that of
the consolidated or merged corporation, and all and singular its rights, privileges, and franchises,
and its right, title, and interest in and to all property of whatsoever kind, whether real, personal, or
mixed, and all things in action, and every right, privilege, interest, or asset of conceivable value or
benefit then existing which would inure to it under an unmerged or unconsolidated existence, shall
be deemed fully and finally transferred to and vested in the consolidated or surviving corporation
without further act or deed, and the last mentioned corporation shall have and hold the same in its
own right as fully as the same was possessed and held by the former corporation from which it
was, by operation of sections 49.34 to 49.41, transferred. Its rights, obligations, and relations to
any person, creditor, depositor, trustee, or beneficiary of any trust shall remain unimpaired and
the corporation into which it shall have been consolidated or merged shall succeed to these
relations, obligations, trusts, and liabilities and shall execute and perform all such trusts in the
same manner as though it had itself assumed the relation or trust, or incurred the obligation or
liability; and its liabilities and obligations to creditors existing for any cause shall not be impaired
by the consolidation or merger, nor shall any obligation or liability of any stockholder, in any
corporation which is a party to the consolidation or merger, be affected by any such consolidation
or merger, but these obligations and liabilities shall continue as fully and to the same extent
as existed before the consolidation or merger. The consolidated or surviving corporation shall
become, without further act or deed, the successor of the consolidating or constituent corporations
in any and all fiduciary capacities, in which each consolidated or constituent corporation may be
acting at the time of the consolidation or merger, and shall be liable to all beneficiaries as fully as
if the consolidating or merging corporations had continued its separate corporate existence. If
any consolidating or merging corporation shall be nominated and appointed, or shall have been
nominated or appointed, as executor, guardian, administrator, agent, or trustee, or in any other trust
relationship of fiduciary capacities in any will, trust agreement, trust conveyance, or any other
conveyance, order, or judgment of any court, or any other instrument prior to the consolidation or
merger, even though the will or other instrument shall not be operative or effective until after
the consolidation or merger shall have become effective, every such office, trust relationship,
fiduciary capacity, and all of the rights, powers, privileges, duties, discretions, and responsibilities
so provided to devolve upon, vest in, or inure to the corporation so nominated or appointed, shall
fully and in every respect devolve upon, vest in, and inure to, and be exercised by, the consolidated
or surviving corporation, whether there be one or more successive mergers or consolidations.
History: (7699-9) 1925 c 156 s 5; 1989 c 166 s 13