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Minnesota Legislature

Office of the Revisor of Statutes

Within 180 days after the completion of the actions required by section 473.616, subdivision
, the Metropolitan Council and the airports commission shall report to the legislature on the
long-range planning and development of major airport facilities in the metropolitan area. The
report must include the recommendations of the agencies on major airport development in the
metropolitan area for a prospective 30-year period and on acquiring a site for a major new airport.
The report must include an analysis of the effect of a new airport on present and proposed
facilities at the existing airport and on the local, regional, and state economies. The report must
contain the recommendations of the agencies on financial planning and financing for a major new
airport, including: cost; cost allocation; amortization of major improvements at the existing
airport before a transfer of operations; financing methods and sources of public and private funds;
lease agreements and user charges at a new airport; and a method of capturing for public uses a
portion of the revenue from development around a new airport.
History: 1989 c 279 s 4