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    Subdivision 1. Planning activities. (a) The Metropolitan Council must carry out planning
activities addressing the water supply needs of the metropolitan area as defined in section 473.121,
subdivision 2
. The planning activities must include, at a minimum:
    (1) development and maintenance of a base of technical information needed for sound
water supply decisions including surface and groundwater availability analyses, water demand
projections, water withdrawal and use impact analyses, modeling, and similar studies;
    (2) development and periodic update of a metropolitan area master water supply plan,
prepared in cooperation with and subject to the approval of the commissioner of natural
resources, that:
    (i) provides guidance for local water supply systems and future regional investments;
    (ii) emphasizes conservation, interjurisdictional cooperation, and long-term sustainability;
    (iii) addresses the reliability, security, and cost-effectiveness of the metropolitan area water
supply system and its local and subregional components;
    (3) recommendations for clarifying the appropriate roles and responsibilities of local,
regional, and state government in metropolitan area water supply;
    (4) recommendations for streamlining and consolidating metropolitan area water supply
decision-making and approval processes; and
    (5) recommendations for the ongoing and long-term funding of metropolitan area water
supply planning activities and capital investments.
    (b) The council must carry out the planning activities in this subdivision in consultation with
the Metropolitan Area Water Supply Advisory Committee established in subdivision 2.
    Subd. 2. Advisory committee. (a) A Metropolitan Area Water Supply Advisory Committee
is established to assist the council in its planning activities in subdivision 1. The advisory
committee has the following membership:
(1) the commissioner of agriculture or the commissioner's designee;
(2) the commissioner of health or the commissioner's designee;
(3) the commissioner of natural resources or the commissioner's designee;
(4) the commissioner of the Pollution Control Agency or the commissioner's designee;
(5) two officials of counties that are located in the metropolitan area, appointed by the
(6) five officials of noncounty local governmental units that are located in the metropolitan
area, appointed by the governor; and
(7) the chair of the Metropolitan Council or the chair's designee, who is chair of the advisory
A local government unit in each of the seven counties in the metropolitan area must be
represented in the seven appointments made under clauses (5) and (6).
(b) Members of the advisory committee appointed by the governor serve at the pleasure
of the governor. Members of the advisory committee serve without compensation but may be
reimbursed for their reasonable expenses as determined by the Metropolitan Council. The
advisory committee expires December 31, 2008.
(c) The council must consider the work and recommendations of the advisory committee
when the council is preparing its regional development framework.
    Subd. 3. Reports to legislature. The council must submit reports to the legislature regarding
its findings, recommendations, and continuing planning activities under subdivision 1. The first
report must be submitted to the legislature by the date the legislature convenes in 2007 and
subsequent reports must be submitted by such date every five years thereafter.
History: 1Sp2005 c 1 art 2 s 147; 2007 c 131 art 1 s 79

Official Publication of the State of Minnesota
Revisor of Statutes