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    Subdivision 1. Candidate search areas protection. (a) The provisions of this subdivision
apply within areas designated by the Metropolitan Council as candidates for selection as a search
area for a new major airport under section 473.155, subdivision 3. The provisions apply until the
council has selected a search area under section 473.155, subdivision 3.
(b) All land within the candidate search areas not zoned for other use is zoned for use
exclusively for agricultural purposes, except that a prior nonconforming use established with
reference to any lot or parcel of land may be continued.
(c) A local government unit in the metropolitan area may not permit a change in zoning, a
zoning variance, or a conditional use, including planned unit developments, that the local unit
or the Metropolitan Council determines is inconsistent with the comprehensive plan for the
local government unit adopted in accordance with sections 473.175 and 473.851 to 473.871,
or any other authority. Before approving an application or proposal for a change in zoning,
zoning variance, or conditional use, the local government unit shall submit the application or
proposal to the Metropolitan Council for review and approval or disapproval. The council may
disapprove the application or proposal only if the council determines that it is inconsistent with
the comprehensive plan of the local unit.
(d) The council shall give notice to the Metropolitan Airports Commission of all submittals
under paragraph (c). The commission may comment to the council on any submittal.
(e) The council shall approve or disapprove a submittal within 90 days following receipt by
the council, unless a time extension is mutually agreed to by the council and the submitting unit.
The commission has 45 days after notification to comment. The council and the commission shall
establish administrative procedures for expedited disposition of proposals or applications that
do not warrant metropolitan review.
(f) If a candidate search area includes land within a local unit of government outside of the
metropolitan area, the Metropolitan Council and the local unit may enter into an agreement
for the joint exercise of powers necessary to determine whether a proposed change in zoning,
zoning variance, or conditional use will be compatible with the development and operation of
a major airport.
    Subd. 2.[Repealed, 1996 c 464 art 3 s 16]
History: 1990 c 440 s 1

Official Publication of the State of Minnesota
Revisor of Statutes