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    Subdivision 1. Sufficiency. The declaration provided for in section 471.38 is sufficient if in
the following form: "I declare under the penalties of law that this account, claim or demand is just
and correct and that no part of it has been paid.
Signature of Claimant"
    Subd. 2. Above check endorsement. The check or order-check by which the claim is paid
may have printed on its reverse side, above the space for endorsement thereof by the payee, the
following statement: "The undersigned payee, in endorsing this check (or order-check) declares
that the same is received in payment of a just and correct claim against the county (county board
of education for unorganized territory, school district, town or city), and that no part of it has
heretofore been paid." When endorsed by the payee named in the check or order-check, such
statement shall operate and shall be deemed sufficient as the required declaration of the claim.
History: 1949 c 416 s 2; 1951 c 350 s 2; 1959 c 56 s 2

Official Publication of the State of Minnesota
Revisor of Statutes