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2007 Minnesota Statutes

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The commission hereby created shall have the entire care and control of all of said
courthouse and city hall building. It shall have power to assign unassigned rooms and space in
any part of said building with entire control of any room or rooms in said building, and of all
halls and corridors and of all boiler and machinery rooms. The commission in its discretion may
reassign and reallocate occupied rooms or space therein provided that space already occupied
may not be reassigned except after a hearing before said commission on written notice to the
occupant or person in charge of such space; and the vote of three members of said commission
shall govern as its final action after such hearing; provided further that any interested party
may appeal from an adverse ruling of said commission to the district court, which court shall
summarily decide the matter after a hearing thereon in the same manner as a civil case, and the
determination of said matter by said court shall be final, provided that if the space in controversy
is occupied or sought to be occupied by a district court judge or other district court official, that
said final determination be made by a judge of the district court from a district other than that
comprising Hennepin County, which other judge shall be selected by the governor upon request of
the commission. When so determined and after being served with the court order the occupant or
person in charge of such space or room shall remove therefrom in accordance with the terms of
the order, and failing to do so, shall be deemed in contempt of court.
The commission shall also have the care and control of all engines, boilers, machinery,
elevators and all mechanical and electrical appliances of every nature in said building. It shall
cause all of the occupied portions of said building to be properly heated, lighted, cleaned and kept
in repair for public use, with full authority to appoint any and all employees necessary to properly
perform the duties hereby devolved upon such commission, with authority to fix the compensation
of such employees. Persons employed by the municipal building commission on or before August
1, 1977, or thereafter, and having at least six months service, shall have tenure based on length
of service. Promotions shall be filled from the eligible lists established and maintained by the
Minneapolis civil service commission. No employee after six months continuous employment
shall be removed or discharged except upon a majority vote of the members of the municipal
building commission for cause, upon written charges and after an opportunity to be heard at a
hearing conducted by the municipal building commission. The Minneapolis civil service rules
relating to cause for removal shall govern. An employee removed for cause may appeal to district
court, which decision shall be final.
Nothing herein contained shall be construed to interfere in any manner with the powers and
duties of the courthouse and city hall commission engaged in completing and furnishing said
History: 1903 c 247 s 2; 1937 c 251 s 1; 1986 c 444

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