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    Subdivision 1. Scope. For the purposes of sections 349.30 to 349.39, unless a different
meaning is indicated by the context, the words, terms, and phrases defined in this section shall
have the meanings given them.
    Subd. 2. Gambling device. "Gambling device" has the meaning given it in section 609.75,
subdivision 4
    Subd. 3. Person. "Person" means an individual, a copartnership, an association, a
corporation, or any other entity or organization.
    Subd. 4. Municipality. "Municipality" means any county, city, or town.
    Subd. 5. License. "License" includes permits of every kind, nature and description issued
pursuant to any statute or ordinance for the carrying on of any business, trade, vocation,
commercial enterprise or undertaking.
    Subd. 6. Licensee. "Licensee" means any person to whom a license of any kind is issued,
but does not include a common carrier transporting, or a public warehouse operator storing, any
gambling device for hire, or a manufacturer or distributor of such devices keeping the same only
for the purpose of sale or distribution to others or repairing of same.
    Subd. 7. Licensed business. "Licensed business" means any business, trade, vocation,
commercial enterprise, or undertaking for which a license is issued.
    Subd. 8. Licensed premises. "Licensed premises" means the place or building, or the room
in a building, designated in the license as the place where the licensed business is to be carried
on, and all land adjacent thereto and used in connection with and in the operation of a licensed
business, and all adjacent or contiguous rooms or buildings operated or used in connection with
the buildings where the licensed business is carried on. If no place is described in any license,
then "licensed premises" means the building or place where the licensed business is carried on
under such license.
    Subd. 9. Issuing authority. "Issuing authority" and "authority issuing the license" mean
and include the officer, board, bureau, department, commission, or agency of the state, or of any
of its municipalities, by whom any license is issued and include the councils and governing
bodies of all municipalities.
History: 1947 c 586 s 1; 1973 c 123 art 5 s 7; 1981 c 204 s 9; 1986 c 444; 1990 c 590
art 1 s 38